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NAME--------Thomas (tbone) Terry

TYPE OF OCCUPATION-------T Systems Administration for SAIC…
Government Contractor on Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

HOW LONG BEEN IN THE HOBBY--------All total only about 3-4 years in the
mid 80’s and early 90’s combined.

HOW YOU GOT STARTED IN R/C-------My Dad and a friend of his flew C/L
when I was a boy so that sparked my interest.  I watched my Dad built The
Nobler in the 70’s.  I flew small .049 C/L planes as a boy/teenager and
owend a .049 free-flight Cox helicopter.  I built a 2-channel .049 powered
2x4 glider as a Decatur High School Engr. & Drawing student for my Sr.
year project.  I used an old Kraft radio purchased from a DMAC member to
fly it.  I was in the DMAC in 1986 and flew the glider at the old Fairgrounds
field.  I was in the DMAC in 91-93.  I built my first real R/C trainer to learn 4-
channel flying… it was an Eagle 2 covered in Orange and Black shrink
covering; it was ugly but I could see it.  At a DMAC swap meet I purchased
an F4U Corsair and put a .46 on it.  I learned a few aerobatics with it.  I
occasionally flew a Stik owned by Paul Allen but he never let me land it… I
forgot the engine size on that plane but it was fast.  My original flight
instructors and mentors in the DMAC were Paul Allen and Lamar Blair.  Jim
Ray and George Hill also were helpful to me when I started out.  For a short
period of time around 1991 or 1992 I was responsible for putting together
and distributing the DMAC monthly newsletter.  I started building a P-51
Mustang kit in 1993 but never finished it as I got out of the hobby.  I recently
bought a Traxxas nitro 4x4 truck and the sound of the engine gave me the
bug to get back into glow planes.  So, I emailed the DMAC through the web
page.  Jim Forthman contacted me and over the month of Aug. I started
putting together a flight box, started restoring my old Eagle 2 and
purchased one of the club trainers.  Jim Forthman has been getting me up
to speed.  We had my first flying lesson on Aug. 31 at the Hwy 20 field.  I
suppose I did not do too bad although I was a little nervous.  I do not
remember being nervous the first time I flew an R/C plane.

planes, Nitro Trucks, Kit building, ARF.  I have never scratch built a plane.  I
am handy with my hands and do not have issues with building kits, but not
sure I could built a scratch plane without some mentorship on the project.

YOUR FAVORITE PLANE TO FLY--------Just got back into the hobby, so do not
have a favorite plane as of now, Fall of 2014.   The first go around with
flying I enjoyed learning to fly a .40 size Corsair because it was faster than
my trainer and I could have more fun with it.  But the landings were quick
since the Corsair dropped like a rock when it was dead-stick.  I flew a .20
size racer in the DMAC one time in the early 90’s and that sure was fun… I
never built my own though.  I plan to restore my old Corsair possibly and
build a couple of kit planes or purchase some ARFs.  I am looking around
for good, used stuff.

getting back familiar with the hobby so do not know enough yet, but when I
do I would be glad to help any flyers new or experienced in any way that is
within my abilities.  I look forward to meeting other members of the DMAC.  
So far the individuals I have met have been fantastic.